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There’s no escaping this

Not with BBC iPlayer, there isn’t.  So for those of you who managed to be out there having a life on Sunday evening, and thus are still skipping around with joy in your hearts and a twinkle in your eye, here is five minutes of television to turn your gills green with envy. It’s the […]

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Shine a light

This was sold on eBay on Friday. From 1944, it is a lovely piece of Hans Schleger/Zero in prime linen-mounted condition.  Mr Crownfolio and I did have rather deluded hopes of picking it up for a pittance, seeing as it was being sold in the States.  But it went for nearly £250 – unsurprisingly – […]

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Operator, I can’t find anything

I’ve been meaning for a while to do a series of posts looking at the different archives that sit out there on the web, just waiting for you to rummage through their files of wonderful vintage posters.  These resources have exploded in the last few years, and it’s now easy to find out incredible amounts […]

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AP2 Part Two

Today, a second helping of the AP2 Artists Partners book.  (Is it a brochure?  a catalogue?  I’m not entirely sure how to address it). I ran through a few of the obvious highlights by the big names like Hans Unger, Saul Bass and Tom Eckersley last time, but there are plenty more treasures for your […]

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The Shell Guide to auctions

Not that long ago, I mentioned the Shell Educational posters in passing, with the intention of  saying more about them one of these days. But I’ve been rather pre-empted by the appearance of a whole group of them at auction on Thursday.  (At first glance, I thought they were being sold by Alan Partridge Auctioneers, […]

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Pictures down the telephone line

Today, dancing about architecture.  Or at least its close relative, podcasting about posters. Actually, I’m being a bit unfair here. What I’ve been listening to is historian Scott Anthony on the BPMA podcast about Stephen Tallents, the man who brought artists to the GPO poster and Night Mail to the nation.  Although the lecture did […]

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