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Whitsun greetings

Have a lovely and I hope sunny Bank Holiday.  I’m off to be a pirate for the day. (With thanks to Edward McKnight Kauffer (1938), Oscar Berger (1940) and the LT archive…)

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Behind the scenes in the museum

Now, I promise, the last word on London Transport reproductions.  The discussion has rumbled on in the comments for a bit, but the big guns have now been called in to settle it. Imperial War Museum, Austin Cooper, 1932 This email is from Oliver Green, former Head Curator and Research Fellow of the London Transport […]

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A shilling life

I was going to write at length about Barbara Jones this week, but I have a sore throat and no childcare, so it will have to wait. Instead, either as compensation or to whet your appetite, have this. The Shell Shilling Guide to Berkshire, cover design by Barbara Jones. It’s easy to think of the […]

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Name your price

Shall we talk about this? It fell out of my and Mr Crownfolio’s newspaper at the weekend; a handy pocket guide to collectables and antiques.  To my surprise, they even included posters.  Or really just the one. Just in case that’s a bit too squinty for you, here it is, along with the mindboggling / […]

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Festival time

Mr Crownfolio has been fossicking in the furthest depths of the internet again.  And he’s found this. And this. As well as this. What links them all is this. The Festival of Britain.  Or, to be more precise, the Museum of London’s rather wonderful Festival of Britain online exhibition and archive.  Not only does it […]

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Different buses

When I wrote last week about my morbid fear of copies, and how it would infuriate Walter Benjamin, I didn’t expect to generate a debate.  But lots of people made very interesting comments, which have made me think more about how and why we buy posters.  But that’s for another day. Today is a slightly […]

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