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Throw a Coach Party

It’s here.  The much anticipated Morphets everything-you-ever-wanted-to-own-from -the-sixties-and-seventies Malcolm Guest catalogue has arrived at The Saleroom and on their website. Donald Smith, two posters for Hants and Dorset Coaches My brain is going to take a while to absorb it all, especially in this heat – there are over a thousand lots, and with many […]

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Lucky for some

I posted a few weeks ago about our giant black cat, but this more manageable version (well, manageable-ish at 40″ x 60″) has just come up on eBay. This sleek feline could be yours for just £99.  Ours, meanwhile, has been re-homed at the History of Advertising Trust, to be properly looked after. Also on […]

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Don’t Burn Your Shoes

I saw this poster at auction almost seven years ago now, but have never forgotten it. This poster really brings home to me the Orwellian side of Britain during the Second World War, a place where posters are shouting at you about things you’ve never even thought of doing (I’d never worried about burning my […]

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The poster in the hat

Recently, Crownfolio junior and I were in the library together and found this. Now, surely this has to be the same Andre Amstutz who was designing posters for British Rail, the GPO and others in the late 50s and 1960s.  Posters like this one. There just can’t be that many people called Andre Amstutz to […]

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Such is the confusing nature of the modern world that telegrams have been arriving in my inbox.  I’d rather they were delivered by a messenger with brass buttons on his jacket, but I guess that’s not really an option any more.  Nonetheless, all of them are still very much worth looking at. Laura Figiel sent […]

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Clean as new

Now it’s not often that I get to discover a whole new genre of posters, but today I can share just that with you.  Dry cleaning posters. This whole collection from, I am guessing, the 60s and 70s, was sent to Quad Royal by Roly Seaton.  I think the Kenneth Williams-a-like here is one of […]

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