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Auction thoughts

Once the dust had settled, I had hoped to come up with some conclusions about the Morphets bus and train extravaganza of last week.  But the more I look at the results, the more my brain becomes addled.  This isn’t just the result of the scale of it all, although that hasn’t got any better, […]

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Bits, bobs, and Bawden

Although I’ve been mildly obsessed with what’s been happening in Harrogate, life has in fact been going on elsewhere. This rather wonderful Abram Games poster went past on eBay on Monday, for a what seems like a fair £231. I’ve never seen one out in the wild before, and I approve of it. Meanwhile, if […]

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The Volkswagen Problem

For some time I’ve been meaning to post a link to the Empire Marketing Board Archive at Manchester Art Gallery. It’s an exemplary online resource for a really interesting collection.  The Empire Marketing Board was what Stephen Tallents did before he came to the GPO, and in many ways is one of the first attempts […]

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Poster Mathematics

I can’t resist a few instant observations about Morphets.  The full set of opinions will have to wait until I’ve got the complete results in front of me and some more time, but for the moment, we’ll deal with what I know. Firstly, it’s clear that not many people like Daphne Padden and Royston Cooper […]

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The thick of it

It’s impossible to get a sense of the Morphet’s sale while it’s still yelling away in the corner of my screen, but two brief observations from yesterday. Firstly, what kind of a mad world is it where this costs £160 while this costs hundreds more.  I don’t understand, I really don’t. I also noticed this […]

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Further Coaching

It’s the last stage of the giant Daphne Padden archive-fest on Quad Royal.  Most of the posters I’m putting up today are for coach companies and so have at least been seen before.  In fact well over half of these are on sale at Morphets tomorrow, so if you take a fancy to any of […]

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