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Wakes Week

It’s the Quad Royal annual holidays. So the shutters will be up for the next two weeks.  See you when we get back.

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Modern or British?

“It may be clever and modern and progressive.  But it certainly isn’t English.” That’s the incomparable Patrick Wright quoting from a ‘heritage journal’ called This England.  He’s talking about landscape and memory, but it struck a chord with me. Because ever since I wrote about Paul Rennie’s Modern British Posters, I’ve been thinking about the relationship […]

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Kill All Flies

It’s August, it’s the silly season.  In Quad Royal world this means that I have a house full of people, a holiday to plan for and no time to write anything.  Elsewhere, it manifests itself in the fact that news is so slack that posters have made an appearance on the BBC news website. Wierdly, […]

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Vegetabull revisited

These children’s books just won’t leave me alone right now.  I still have Tom Eckersley’s Animals on Parade and John Burningham’s lovely London Transport poster work on the list of things to write about here (depending on an appointment with the scanner and an Amazon book order respectively), but as if that isn’t enough, another […]

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Two for the shelves

Look what’s turned up on eBay. Poster Design by Tom Eckersley.  Currently a complete steal at £6, but I suspect it will go higher, as the going rate on Abebooks is running close to £50. But mostly pleasing because it allows me to post this again. ] Who knew colour separation could be such fun. […]

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Last of the summer wine

I was thinking about elderberry cordial, and so dug this out of a drawer.  Then I was so struck by what a beautiful image it is that I forgot all about recipes and went off on the trail of its design instead. The book is the Womens Institute Book of Home Made Wines Syrups and […]

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