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Sold and unsold

Right, it’s eBay Watch time once more.  I do this so often that I feel as though it should have its own logo.  I shall work on that when I get a moment. Your starter for ten is that this, surprisingly, didn’t sell. There isn’t enough Barnett Freedman in the world, so I would have […]

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Animals on Parade

Woof. He’s a fine fellow for a Monday morning, isn’t he.  I only wish I felt so well-groomed myself. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that he’s by Tom Eckersley, and he comes from this: The book was published in 1947 and is filled with really wonderful illustrations. So much so that the pictures […]

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A life in pieces

Once more, a post around a book, although a bit more tangentially this time. Mr Crownfolio is reading Electric Eden, a book about British folk music (in the widest sense as it seems to include the god-like genius of Julian Cope as well).  And when he was reading about Fairport Convention, he made a rather […]

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I don’t know why I didn’t include this in Friday’s post. It’s a recent acquisition, and it’s by It had only arrived earlier in the week too, so there really is no excuse.  Except perhaps for the fact that it doesn’t look, to my knowledge, anything like any other poster he did, so I forgot […]

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Ahead of his time

This may be the only blog post I ever write in praise of estate agents, particularly as we’re thinking of selling our house and so will be dealing with them on a regular basis.  But here goes. We had one round today for a look, and he was clearly a very nice man because he […]

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Owls, further

It’s seems to be book week here on Quad Royal. I was leafing through the wonderful Barbara Jones book (as mentioned before, but I have now read it and it is worth every penny and some more) and found this.  It’s late Barbara Jones, from 1970, but she’d clearly lost none of her touch, especially […]

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