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Edge wear

And still they keep c0ming.  Today – cue drum roll – it’s eBay Watch.  Along with a bit of complaining from me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no problem with what’s out there.  Because there’s loads of it. Let’s start with this Aer Lingus poster, which is very stylish. Although it’s in German it […]

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A lot

Really, there is more being sold at the moment than I can properly keep tabs on. Hence a rather scrabbled post to tell you that these are up for sale in Nantwich tomorrow. The lot is a heap of Henrion posters.  A big heap. Sadly, they’re not entirely what they seem.  On the plus side, […]

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That’s Shell, that was

I really wish I hadn’t started this post now.  It was meant to be a simple one about stuff on eBay, and now it’s gone and turned into a mystery. The beginning was this poster, which ended two days ago.  Along with a confession. Which is that I didn’t actually mention it while it was […]

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Keep the noise down

We’re all about selling this week on Quad Royal.  Partly because time for contemplation is a bit thin on the ground, but also because there’s a lot of stuff about demanding our attention. Firstly, Fougasse. Quite a number of his posters are currently being sold by a dealer called Neil Jennings.  Now I wouldn’t usually […]

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Put it there

What do these four posters have in common? John Burningham, London Transport, 1961 Andre Amstutz, British Railways, 1956 Daphne Padden, Royal Blue Coaches, c. 1957 Edward McKnight Kauffer, Shell, 1934 Well, three out of the four of them are on the walls here, but you’re not really expected to know that.  Perhaps more to the […]

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By the book

As things stand this morning, this is a bit of a bargain. And that’s even with £10 or so of shipping from the U.S, but then it does tend to go for £50 or so on Abebooks or eBay over here.  When you can find it at all. Although I’ve posted a few of my […]

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