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You what?

Mr Crownfolio brought this to my attention with the description ‘sense of proportion failure’ and he’s not far wrong there. This delectable image from the late 1970s is on offer to you for the grand sum of three hundred pounds.  Yes, £300.  And that’s the starting bid, not even a Buy It Now.  I was […]

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By Gyroscopic Monorail

Nothing warms the cockles of my heart like finding a new archive or designer.  Even better, both.  So today – thanks once again to the lovely online library which is VADS – meet A E Halliwell and his archive. Halliwell was more of an arts educator than a full-time designer, teaching at the Central School […]

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Bracket Semaphore Signal

I’ve said it before, but there are too many auctions around right now.  And another day brings another catalogue in the post, this time for Talisman Railwayana Auctions. This pre-war Ralph Mott poster is for me, the nicest piece in it. That’s a rather good, and unusual, bit of modernist design used for a splendidly […]

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Radiowl Times

You may have noticed by now that not only do I like Barbara Jones, but I perhaps like her owls best of all.  Which means that I have been wanting a copy of this, the apotheosis of all her owlery, for quite some time. It’s a late children’s book from 1970, and given that the […]

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Modern selling

The auction season really is upon us; no sooner do I promise you the Christies highlights, than the Swann Galleries catalogue also pops into my email box.  And to my surprise, the American auction is, I think, the winner.  But let’s take a quick canter through both of them, and then you can make up […]

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Small World

Just a quick post today, between the merry whirl of activities that is the Easter holidays, to point you at a poster auction over in the States at PosterConnection. There isn’t a huge amount of British interest, but what there is covers a lot of rather high-quality ground.  So there’s a Henrion and a Lewitt-Him […]

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