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Off to the country

Happy Bank Holiday. courtesy of Edward McKnight Kauffer and the London Transport Museum. However, I am already in the country, and it’s raining.  I shall sit tight and await futher instructions. I hadn’t intended to post anything more today, but can’t resist pointing out this. I mentioned it last week – a 1923 MacDonald Gill London […]

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Back again

I know that I keep promising to come back to subjects on this blog, and then it never quite happens.  There on the other hand, sometimes subjects come back to me, especially designers.  One of the great joys of writing about a particular designer is that quite often people get in contact with their own […]

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Skylon Biro

Mr Crownfolio went off to do some shopping for our holiday the other day.  He still has no sunhat, but we do now own this. Given that the gardens were the slightly more raucous and, dare I say it, downmarket outpost of the Festival of Britain, I wasn’t expecting too much from the guide.  But […]

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Buy, Buy, Sell, Buy

There are a lot of posters about at the moment; it’s only Monday morning and I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  Not only have there just been the  Christies and Onslows sales, but there’s also quite a bit coming up on eBay too.  I’d like to sum it up in some kind of executive summary […]

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Well my trip was a definite success, you’ll be pleased to hear.  The mission was a trip to a solicitors’ office in the Home Counties in order to sift through some of the last remaning pieces from Daphne Padden’s estate.  And it was worth the journey up the A303, as I have come back with […]

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I’m not really here today because I’m off on a mission. But here’s something in the meantime. It’s a little 10″ x 15″ GPO poster, by Daphne Padden, of course. I’m hoping it’s going to be appropriate, because if all goes well today, I shall be returning with a further heap of Padden posters in […]

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