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Farewell Letter

This day, sixty years ago.  The Festival of Britain site has already closed down for the winter.  But only two days ago the new Conservative Governement has been re-elected, and one of their first actions in office is to announce that the South Bank site will be demolished. There is still time to write one […]

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A Gay Old Time

I haven’t posted about eBay for a bit, mostly because there hasn’t been anything of note for a while. At last, though, there is something worth a look.  Even if it’s not, in rather too many cases, worth the amount of money they’re asking for it. First out of the blocks is this, which is […]

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A perfect charity shop find today.  Three of my favourite things – County Shows, 1950s graphics and old cookery books – all together in one small leaflet. That picture on the front is apparently the Stork Demonstration Van introducing people to a lot of new and interesting recipes on its visits to the country’s agricultural […]

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Novel and Inexpensive

Today I want to show you an archive, but it isn’t one which is chock full of images, or bringing us rare images of gorgeous graphics.  It wins a post of its own, though, simply by existing. May I introduce you to the City of Birmingham’s Railway Collection.  They came to my attention when I […]

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Selective Vision

As I mentioned at the time, the two Paignton posters in the forthcoming Christies Sale got me thinking.  To be precise they’ve made me wonder why these two posters keep coming up for auction when the rest of Reginald Lander’s vast and varied output doesn’t. There’s a simple answer, which is that these particular posters […]

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Auction fever (or not)

The next Christies poster sale is upon us; the lots are online, the printed catalogue is sitting on my desk.  But I’ve been avoiding writing about it for the last few days, mainly because I can’t work up much enthusiasm for what’s on offer. This, if I am pushed, is probably the best of the […]

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