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Return of the Volkswagen

Christmas is the season for repeats, and not only on the television.  Here on Quad Royal, this means revisiting a few posts which are worth a second glance.  In this case – the Empire Marketing Board posters from Manchester City Art Gallery – the subject is also newly topical.  The gallery will be staging an […]

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Happy Christmas

From Daphne Padden and the coach companies.  And all here at Quad Royal of course. As befits my BBC past, there will be some repeats over Christmas and New Year; a normal service will return in January.  Have a good time until then.    

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Extended Christmas Greetings

More Christmas joy from the BPMA, which today comes to you in the form of lovely long van posters. This first offering, from Eric Fraser in 1942, may well not be a Christmas poster at all, but I liked the elephants so much that it can stay anyway. This Beaumont also has that wartime urgency […]

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Guildford Calling

I’ve spent too much time standing in queues and having a nervous breakdown in toyshops recently to have kept a much of an eye on eBay.  Mostly that doesn’t matter, as it’s been winding down for Christmas.  But I did miss out on mentioning one interesting set of posters. As you can see, I’m using […]

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Christmas Joy

Another set of festive posters from the BMPA today.  These three have nothing in common other than that they are all wonderful.  Oh, and I’d love to own a copy of each and every one of them. This first one is a wartime design by Hans Schleger from 1943. While I can tell you next […]

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War Games

When I posted this Games poster on the blog last week, I mentioned that there was more to be said about the subject. I’ve been meaning to write about Abram Games’ war posters for a while now and that poster (which incidentally fetched £950 at Onslows when it was sold a few days ago) has […]

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