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Paris by Moonlight

Apologies for not posting on Friday, but I got rather absorbed in back-office stuff here at the blog and then suddenly the day was gone. All of which means that the auction in which this appeared has now been and gone as well. But it’s worth taking a look at anyway, because it’s a slightly […]

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On the buses

Last week, Mr Crownfolio and I scored that increasingly rare thing, a bargain on eBay.  Although this did involve us chancing a reasonably large sum of money on what was described as a lot of old railway posters that i got when i was turning out my grandparents old house they are at a ruff […]

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Give that penguin a fish!

A recent acquisition on eBay was a few copies of Modern Publicity from the late 1950s and early 1960s.  I was going to share their delights with you anyway, but when I looked into the archives I realised that I’ve never actually blogged about this properly at all. Then when I looked a bit harder […]

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When did I last see this poster?

I don’t know.  Two weeks off for the Easter holidays, lots of racing around and then I come back and discover that I can’t remember what on earth I meant to say about posters before I went.  Well there is something about the S.S. Canberra, but frankly that all looks a bit complicated for today, […]

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Proper Gander

An auction in Connneticut has this listed as a propaganda poster. Which is clearly bonkers, even if it was produced in 1938.  At the same time though I find the idea intriguing.  Is it propaganda for trees, for the Chilterns or just for the subtle arts of Britishness?  Or are all London Transport posters in […]

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This is the list of all Penguin books in stock or due to be printed in 1958. Mr Crownfolio is minded to start collecting Penguin ephemera.  He may have a point.

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