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The combination of house renovation and school holiday means that the blog has been a bit neglected recently.  By way of apology, here’s a very lovely bit of Abram Games, very much on an appropriate theme for the holidays. Some closely related posters were on here the other day, but this isn’t it, rather it’s […]

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All join hands – panic!

Two things have sent my thoughts along the same path recently; an obituary of Eric Sykes in the Guardian, and this Goons record from 1956. Mr Crownfolio insists that you press play, please, before reading any further. Thank you. Bloodnock’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Call is worth considering in its own right; this was one of […]

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Say it with a poster

This week really isn’t going according to plan, and as a result I have not had much time to write.  Apologies for this.  I would like to say that the service will get better next week, but it’s the school holidays and I have a pub to rebuild.  Hey ho. Not all of this unexpectedness […]

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Hip Hip Hurray

I’ve got lots of things to say about all sorts of things, including the Goons, army life and Graphis, but no time to say them in.  So all of those thoughts will have to wait for a day or two.  Shall we throw our hats in the air instead? I’ve mentioned this greetings telegram before, […]

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Me, Grayson Perry and the railway poster

I mentioned a while ago that I was trying to be nice about railway posters.  It’s all Grayson Perry’s fault.  We came late to his Channel 4 series about taste, and it’s only available on 4OD for just a few more hours, but I am sure it will get repeated because it was one of […]

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Paddenalia, inter alia.

I’ve been meaning to post this for ages, and now the Jubilee has been and gone but I’m carrying on regardless.  They’re Marks and Spencers’ Jubilee packaging designs – this is the tin we bought. Remind you of anyone?  To me, there is a definite touch of Daphne Padden about them, particularly this pigeon. And […]

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