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Food is Necessary

Once again, people have been sending me things.  To be more precise, they’ve been sending pictures of things.  Which is a shame, as I would have very much liked to get this in the post. Michael Sand got in contact with me.  His parents were friends of Hans Unger’s in London in the 196os, and […]

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Mrs Housewife on Display

There are some things I haven’t been telling you recently, and it’s time to fess up. The biggest omission is the Bloomsbury Auctions sale which happened last week. Now this wasn’t the most exciting collection of posters I have ever seen in one place, but there was one significant exception. This was three lots, right […]

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Hit the North

Today this poster is your starter for ten. The question is, what’s so unusual about it?  (Other, that is, than it’s Manchester Piccadilly Station looking quite spruce; I regularly used to get the last train home from there in the early 80s, and it was a dump.  Always) The answer is that it’s a railway […]

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These are exciting times here at Quad Royal.  Because as well as going on about posters at great length (a service which will, of course, continue) we’ve also got something to sell.  Prints of Daphne Padden designs to be precise.  Take a look at this. And while I’m here, this too. Rather good, aren’t they? […]

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Mounting prices

Another day, another post, and once more we’re back on the subject of auctions.  This is partly because I am so occupied with cleaning floorboards and painting walls that I haven’t had time to write the big post on The North that I want to write.  But it’s also because the blighters just keep on […]

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Banish Brain Fag

And where are we going to do that?  At Brighton, of course.  At least that’s according to one of these posters (top right, if you’re squinting hard). The picture has turned up at a forthcoming auction in Nottingham*, and it’s very interesting, because it depicts, apparently, a poster exhibition in Brighton in 1925. Once again, […]

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