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Who let the dogs out?

By popular request, it’s Christmas sausage dog time  again. Thanks to Lewitt-Him (above) and Beaumont (below), and of course to the presiding spirit of British Whimsy. Dogs are clearly better that getting organised for Christmas than I am.

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Deck the halls

I think it’s about time to get the Christmas decorations out, isn’t it?  Or in this case, the Christmas posters.  I’ve been saving this one for half the year – and that’s not a weird reflection on it, by the way, it’s part of the design. This delight is a little 10″ x 15″ London […]

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Hither and thither

ohn Greene RibblesdaleStainforth near Settle, original poster printed for BR (LMR) by Wood Roselaar circa 1960

In the immortal words of Smash Hits, I am back.  Back, back back.  Admittedly I am typing this from amongst a forest of boxes, and if you asked me to lay my hands on almost anything we own, I wouldn’t be able to, but I am here.  And with a rather snazzy new network connection […]

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This post is basically me waving the white flag of surrender for the next week or so while the house move finally takes place.  But instead of a white flag I thought I would offer you a pale poster instead. I know this isn’t in the best condition ever, but it’s interesting enough to be […]

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