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Location location location

I’ve said  this many times before, but what makes a poster valuable or not is not just a mystery to me but a source of constant puzzlement. As far as I can tell, condition, fashion, the name of the designer, the kind of auction and much else besides are all fed into a whirling vortex […]

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Northern return

Last year, I wrote about depictions of the industrial North of England in posters, or rather I pointed out their rather conspicuous absence.  At which point I got quite a lot of comments, mostly saying that I was wrong, and pointing me at posters like this. Which is, I am forced to admit, is exactly […]

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Over-modern, over here

I know I mentioned it in passing, but what with one thing and another, the 1950s Modern book that I wrote for Shire hasn’t really had much of an outing on here, despite having hit the shops before Christmas. You can buy it on Amazon if you like, but the nice people at Shire have […]

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Snowed out

Apologies for the slight gap in postings; it is, I am afraid, down to the white stuff.  Well to be more precise it’s down to the reluctance of anyone to take Small Crownfolio off my hands while there is snow on the ground.  The situation will, I hope, return to normal very shortly.  In the […]

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Great Central Ladybird

The New Year has hardly begun, but the first auction is already upon us.  Held by Great Central Railwayana, it takes place on 19th January – and there are quite a pleasing crop of posters included.  Although, as ever with railwayana auctions, there are no estimates and very little in the way of dates either. […]

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Missing in Action

At some point over the weekend, Mr Crownfolio and I happened across a BBC4  documentary about British war films of the 1950s. The programme itself felt like a bit of a missed opportunity to me.  The way in which the British had to come to terms with what had happened in World War Two by […]

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