Look Mummy – posters!

We’ve considered Posterconnection before – they offer vast quantlties of posters on eBay, generally for quite a high price.  All of which means that I’m not suggesting that you buy either of these two, but simply that you might want to take a look at them. The first is by Hans Unger, but not for […]

Carefree by coach

I haven’t done a good rummage through eBay for a while.  There is a reason for this, other than simple idleness on my part, which is that there hasn’t been much of interest coming up for a while.  But this has been going on for so long now that it’s probably time to consider the […]

For the fun of it

As if the excitement of the Christies London Transport Museum sale wasn’t enough, there are now a whole slew of auctions pressing for our attention.  So many that I might not get them all into one post.  Shall we break ourselves in gently with an easy one? PosterConnection in the US tell me that they are […]

Deja vu all over again

I seem to have come back from holiday only to wander into a fold in time, because at least some of the posters on offer out there seem strangely familiar. Lets start with Dreweatts in Bristol, who are once again selling the work of Percy Drake Brookshaw. Percy Drake Brookshaw, 1927, est. £150-200 This is […]

Paris by Moonlight

Apologies for not posting on Friday, but I got rather absorbed in back-office stuff here at the blog and then suddenly the day was gone. All of which means that the auction in which this appeared has now been and gone as well. But it’s worth taking a look at anyway, because it’s a slightly […]

Without linen on backside

At last.  I’ve been banging on about PosterConnection’s shop on eBay for quite a while now – its selection is enough to persuade me to be interested in foreign posters every so often.  Now, finally, they are also selling some British designs.  And good ones too.  Pick of the pops has to be this Daphne […]