By coach, via Royston

I was planning to do a random image amnesty today, which would have been a collection of fabulous posters that I have picked up but not managed to jemmy into a blog post, and which are all now idly shuffling their feet in the great image waiting room which is my computer desktop. Except I’m […]

Odds and ends, including string

This has appeared on eBay. It’s fearfully expensive, with a starting price of £125, but I thought it was worth drawing to your attention, because it’s an Eckersley-Lombers design that I can’t recall having seen before.  And it is wonderfully modern. I haven’t been scrutinising eBay as much as I used to, mainly because the […]


Auction time again, and it’s the turn of Onslows, whose next sale is exactly a week today. Much of which, however, is not aimed at those, like me, of a later twentieth century persuasion.  As you may have noticed, there is an anniversary on, and so the vast majority of the sale is made up of […]

psst, over here…

Early days Anonymous chemist’s poster, c. 1880 The origins of the poster are confused (some understatement here) and obviously depend how you define a poster in the first place.  Generally, posters are believed to emerge just before the turn of the century, although this does rather beg the question as to why British cities were […]

Is it really efficient?

On we must go with the endless stream of auctions.  Today it is Onslows, which takes place on Friday.  What can I tell you about it? Well the first thing that will strike you as you browse through the catalogue is precisely what a tonnage of Shell posters they have – and there are more […]

Sad sack

This post is very simply two good things which have arrived on my desk recently.  The first is this Central Office of Information poster from 1950, photographed as well as I can manage under the rather folded circumstances. I know it’s from 1950 because that is when, apparently, the Anglo-American Council on Productivity produced their […]