Travel Safely

Karen at Travel on Paper emailed earlier this week to say that they are having an Open Studio this weekend.

Now, we don’t advertise just any old event here on Quad Royal.  But she swayed me by including two fabulous Christmas coach posters along with the invite.

Father Christmas vintage coach poster 1960s clarke

Father Christmas at the wheel, above,  is by Clarke, and the reindeer by Bromfield.

Vintage Coach poster Bromfield Christmas travelling reindeer

Which makes a couple of excellent bonus images for the advent calendar, so thank you very much to them.  There will be more from the coach companies later this month, once the GPO have calmed down a bit.

Should you want to turn up and see more of this kind of thing in the meantime, their Open Studio is:
10-12 DECEMBER – Friday evening 6-9pm      Saturday & Sunday12-5pm
and they live at:
Clockwork Studios, First Floor, 38B Southwell Road Camberwell SE5 9PG

This is half a mile from where I used to live, but over 100 miles from where I live now, so sadly I won’t be there. But have fun if you are.

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the eighth

A brief break from the Post Office’s concern that we get our cards and parcels done, because I thought this small, chilly chap suited the weather.

Vintage WW2 poster

And don’t forget to put some bird food out.

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Bread and excursions

While most people are thinking about Heston Blumenthal’s Christmas Pudding or cheap consumer electronics on Britain’s favourite online auction site, there are still a couple of interesting items to be picked out for our eBay watch.

Shall we start with this?

Party Outings vintage British Railways poster 1959

On the one hand it’s quite a nice railway poster, albeit one with a medium sized hole in the middle (see the listing for full details).  On the other hand, I can’t find a single trace of it anywhere else.  Which may be why it’s already got to £36 with four more days to go.  I can’t read the signature, though, so I may be missing something vital here.  Anyone got any more info?

While that seller hasn’t put the artist on the listing, this one hasn’t put the dimensions.

Vintage World War Two poster Save Bread from eBay

Although I’m guessing, partly from the size of the carpet pile on the picture, and partly from the fact that we’ve got one ourselves, that it’s 10″  x 15″.  Which makes it a moderately expensive Buy It Now at £45.  You may disagree, of course.

Tomorrow, a cold robin and some lovely blogs for your consideration.


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December 7th

It’s nearly time to get the mistletoe out, isn’t it.

Robert Scanlan vintage GPO poster 1961 post early

Today’s poster is from 1961, and is by Robert Scanlan, who I’ve never come across before.  Although he’s not helping himself by not signing this poster.

But the London Transport archive tells me that he not only did this rather appealing pair poster in 1949.

Robert Scanlan pair poster London Transport 1949

But also this in 1960.  Which is, as the phrase goes, iconic.

Robert Scanlan vintage London Transport poster 1960 Picasso

So I should have heard of him.  Silly me.  But if anyone knows more, or has an idea of what he did between 1949 and 1960, do let us know.

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Door 6

We’re still posting early, oh yes we are, but this week it’s all a bit more modern.  Today, for example, we’ll be doing it in 1966.

Hans Unger Post Early vintage GPO poster 1966

This is by Hans Unger; it’s rather different to most of his work that I’ve seen, but it’s still good.  And you can buy this one as a Christmas card too.  More of Unger’s work to come later this week, as well.

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the fifth

Today, by way of a breather from the GPO worrying about last posting dates, some advice from National Savings.

Vintage 1950s National Savings poster about Christmas

I can’t tell you anything about this poster, other than it proves my theory that most National Savings posters weren’t design masterpieces.  I would, however, like her coat.

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to normal, with good design but more posting dates.  See you then.

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