December 24th

It is better to travel than arrive.  Which is why the advent calendar is still on its way today.

Daphne Padden vintage coach poster Christmas Travel

Another Daphne Padden, another lovely reindeer and cheerful Santa.  What more could you ask for on Christmas Eve?

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the twenty-third

Time to start thinking about Christmas travel.  Although this looks like one of the chillier methods.

Daphne Padden vintage coach travel poster Christmas reindeer santa

They all seem pretty jolly though.  It’s by Daphne Padden, of course, and I’m assuming it’s a coach poster.  Happy Travelling.

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Door 22

Christmas is getting close now and the turkeys, quite rightly, are starting to look worried.

Macfisheries Christmas turkey poster 1950s Hans Schleger

Mind you, I can’t see why the fish is looking so chipper, there’s going to be plenty of smoked salmon about too.

Even though only the bottom one is signed Zero, both of these are from the period when Hans Schleger was in charge of their house style and Macfisheries must have been the handsomest shop on the High Street (as we’ve mentioned here before now).

Such Turkeys Macfisheries Hans Schleger Zero poster 1950s

Mmm, such posters!

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21st December

The last posting date has passed, the GPO have nothing more to say to us.  But fear not, there are plenty enough Advent posters to see us through until Christmas.

You have probably decorated the tree already, but this lot have left it a bit late.

Gilroy Guinness Time Christmas poster 1958

Still, I like their style.

It’s Gilroy, of course, for Guinness in 1958.  I don’t need to say any more really, do I.

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Number 20

It could only really be this today.

Lewitt Him vintage GPO poster 1941 post early

Which is by Lewitt Him and dates from 1941.

As has been pointed out in the comments, the last posting day on all of these posters has been a very consistent 20th December throughout, even in wartime, which is very British and reassuring.

But what intrigued me is that there is no mention of first or second class post – just different posting days for parcels or cards and letters.  So I asked the BPMA, who told me that first and second class was only introduced in 1968.  I’d always thought – that like first and third class railway carriages – it was the invention of the Victorians.  But now I know – better informed thanks to the internet (and the lovely postal archive people).

Don’t panic though, in this modern age of segregated post, you can still get your first class items off tomorrow.

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Door 19

Hans Unger yesterday, Hans Unger today.  The GPO certainly kept him busy in the 1950s and 60s.

Hans Unger vintage post early poster GPO 1958

He designed this in 1958, and very lovely it is too.  But please don’t set fire to any post boxes on its account, that would be very inconsiderate.

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