Door thirteen

Oh I do love this poster.

Post early vintage GPO Christmas poster LEwitt Him 1948

It’s by Lewitt Him and was issued in 1948.

Now I always associate it in my head with this design of theirs (to the extent that I am continually surprised to find out that we don’t just have the same poster in two different sizes).

Lewitt Him post letters before noon vintage WW2 poster

But this is a wartime one, from 1941, and has nothing at all to do with Christmas.  It’s not just the twin outsized letters, I think it’s also the matching red dots of sealing wax that confuse me too.  It’s a bit unfair really, because they’re not really recycling the design that much.  I’m just easily confused, especially this time of year.  They are both still brilliant, though.

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the twelfth

Santa is in a bit of a pickle today.  In our first poster (by Mawtus, 1963) he’s got stuck in his own bag of gifts.

Vintage GPO post early poster Mawtus 1963

While in this one – by an unknown artist in 1965 – he’s getting very confused between calendars and houses.

Vintage GPO post early poster 1965

The mishaps don’t reassure me that the Post Office are going to do much better with my parcels and letters, if I’m honest.  But don’t worry, Santa’s back on his usual form tomorrow so all shall be well.

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December 11th

We’re still travelling early, we’re still shopping early.  And, above all, we’re definitely posting early.

Harry Stevens Post early vintage GPO poster 1960

This is by Harry Stevens from 1960.  Very good it is too, but I would just like to raise one point of order.  The pipe.  This isn’t a P.C. objection to the glamourisation of smoking, but a serious technical question.  How on earth would a snowman smoke a pipe without melting?  Answers on a postcard please.

A more serious question is why Harry Stevens isn’t more highly thought of these days.  He did a lot of stuff for both the GPO and London Transport, and he appears as often as Games or Eckersley in the annuals of the time.  But he’s not much collected now.  I’ll have answers to that conundrum too,while I’m at it.  If anyone has an idea.

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Door 10

As promised, a chicken.  It’s not often you come across a Christmas Chicken, but that’s definitely what we’ve got here.

Pieter Huveneers, Christmas Chicken post early from 1956 vintage GPO poster

Every time I look at it, my brain says Easter, but the words very definitely say Christmas.   Most peculiar.

Anyway, it’s another design by Pieter Huveneers, it’s from 1956 and it’s inexplicable.  Unless you know different.

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Prize Giving

Quad Royal has won a prize.

Blog award image

Awarded by Murgatroyd of the wonderful Serge and Tweed.  And what I now have to do, apparently, is pass the honour on to some more blogs I like.  Which, as soon as I have upgraded the logo to this:

Daphne Padden vintage Valentine telegram poster for GPO
Daphne Padden of course

I shall do.

So, in no particular order and mainly chosen because they’re not people I’d normally mention on here, the winners are…

Murgatroyd Hoots.  This is Murgatroyd’s other blog with some wonderful stitchery; please feel free to order absolutely anything from her Folksy shop for me for Christmas.

Lovely hare brooch by Murgatroyd and Bean

Purple Podded Peas. A visual diary by illustrator Celia Hart.  I love her cats and chickens, and she’s also made me go and buy the CameraBag app for my phone.  Plus she’s running a very decorative advent calendar too.

Printed Christmas decorations by Celia Hart

Letters from Schwarzville. Every child needs Vivienne Schwarz’s cat books, and her blog is a great treasure trove of photos, knitting, work in progress, and, of course, cats.  Besides, she put my daughter’s cat drawing up there too, so she is clearly The Greatest Blogger In History.

Moonpie from there are cats in this book

AceJet 170. Who I first started following because he posted up old Penrose Annuals, but now keep coming back to because he makes me laugh.

from acejet 170

Kickcan and Conkers. A fabulous miscellany of vintage and finds which also makes me smile.


Martin Klasch.  A never ending parade of vintage visuals.  We have a lot in common.

1952 Donald Brun ad

Shelf Appeal. Mentioned in dispatched before, always fascinating.

DRU blotter from Shelf Appeal

The Country Seat. Also been featured here before, for its erudition, interest and readability.  Plus the utter joy of looking at very big houses that I could never afford in a virtual estate agent’s window.

Tin Trunk. Because everyone needs a good wallow in the back pages of the eighties NME sometimes.

The British Postal Museum and Archive.  Another Advent Calendar, friendly people, a fabulous poster collection.

With apologies to all the people I’ve missed out, but it’s taken me a while just to do this many.

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9th December

The GPO kept Hans Unger busy in the 1960s, and here are a couple more of his designs for them.  I particularly like this psychedelic Christmas Tree from 1967.

Hans Unger fearsome Christmas Tree poster GPO 1967

Although I also slightly fear the determined gleam in its eye.  Where is it going? And is it after me for not posting my cards yet?

This rather gentler image is from 1962.

Hans Unger Vintage GPO poster 1962 post early

Unger did seem to like fluorescent inks on his posters – there’s another one coming up later in the calendar too.  He used them for London Transport as well in 1956, and I’m sure for others as well.

Vintage Hans Unger London Transport poster 1956 Tower of London

Tomorrow, a chicken.  Very Christmassy, I’m sure.

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