17th December

Through the window today, a reminder for those of you who have an office Christmas party tonight.

Mount Evans COI Christmas driving poster 1963

The under-recognised brilliance of Mount Evans produced this for the COI in 1963.  As true today as it ever was.

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Door 16

Today, we have hit a problem.  Which is that I failed to photograph a couple of the best Post Early posters before they went off to be framed.  So today, you get some pictures in frames.  Sorry about that.

Henrion post early poster 1949 reindeer vintage GPO

This irresistible chap is by Henrion, from winter 1949, while the dancing holly below is by Hass from Christmas 1953.

Hass post early vintage GPO poster dancing holly Winter 1953

Not so good for the blog, but rather pleasant for us –  here they are in context on the Post Early wall at Crownfolio Towers.

post early wall here

Because a good Christmas poster isn’t just for Advent.  Not here at least.

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Christmas bay

For once, eBay has come up with something seasonal.  Even better, it’s a classic GPO post early poster.

Huveneers post early poster GPO 1957

This 1957 design by Huveneers has already come up on the Advent Calendar here, and now you can have your own if you like.  Bidding starts at a moderately steep £22 (well I think it’s steep given that it’s 22cm x 15cm, which isn’t a great deal of poster) but they don’t come up that often, so the seller may be right this time.

Elsewhere on the bay, the delightfully named i.m.weasel has some London Transport posters to sell.  Only a few, but some rather good ones.  Shall we start with this Henrion?

Henrion hampton court maze vintage London Transport poster from eBay

Then there’s this Sheila Robinson too.

Vintage Royal London Sheila Robinson London Transport poster

And a rather good William Johnstone that I haven’t come across before (the colours remind me of James Fitton’s post-war posters, for what it’s worth).

William Johnstone Vintage London Transport poster from eBay

But the star of the show is this David Gentleman pair poster.

David Gentleman vintage London Transport pair poster from eBay

Now, I do have a few caveats about these auctions.  One is that – in the case of the Johnstone and the Henrion – he  illustrated them with the London Transport Museum catalogue image as his main pictures.  Which is a bit cheeky.

The other is that all of these items have a reserve on.  And I’d suspect that these are fairly steep ones too, given that the David Gentleman poster has a Buy It Now price of £1,000 attached.  Which is, yes, what it has fetched at Christies earlier this year.  But firstly that was with two Sheila Robinson posters (proof once again that these multiple lots make it almost impossible to value anything properly). Secondly, if you want a good price for a poster, putting it in an auction which ends on December 22nd probably isn’t the way to get it.  And finally, I think  that there is a more general point, which is that if you want a Christies price, you probably do still have to sell at Christies, and pay their premiums.  But I shall watch and see what happens with interest. Although probably without bidding.

It’s also worth noting that this John Bainbridge is still floating about for sale on a Buy It Now too.

John Bainbridge vintage London Transport poster eBay

Currently on for £90, which is down from its original starting bid of £120, but still a bit tatty round the edges.

While, in the endless re-settling and rearrangement of the posters from the last Morphets sale, these two are also available on Buy It Nows.

Bigg vintage coach poster bridge from Morphets eBay

Atkins vintage coach poster from Morphets via eBay

Curiously, the Bigg (above) is at £100, while the Atkins, which I infinitely prefer (always the sucker for a chalk horse though) is only £75.  But in both cases that’s significantly more than their auction price.

Tomorrow, more GPO admonishments but this time seen on their natural habitat of a wall.

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the fifteenth

I know I said I liked yesterday’s poster.  But this is perhaps my favourite of all.

Lewitt Him vintage GPO Christmas poster 1941

It’s by Lewitt Him, and is a delight in every way.  The poster was issued at Christmas 1941, and I very much like the idea that a wartime Christmas was cheered up by this spotty hound doing his bit.  Must have made a change from all of the Ministry posters haranguing you from every wall.

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December 14th

Another one of my favourites today.

W Machan vintage post early Christmas GPO poster 1945

This is by W Machan and dates from Christmas 1945.  More than this I cannot tell you.  Do any of you know more?

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Door thirteen

Oh I do love this poster.

Post early vintage GPO Christmas poster LEwitt Him 1948

It’s by Lewitt Him and was issued in 1948.

Now I always associate it in my head with this design of theirs (to the extent that I am continually surprised to find out that we don’t just have the same poster in two different sizes).

Lewitt Him post letters before noon vintage WW2 poster

But this is a wartime one, from 1941, and has nothing at all to do with Christmas.  It’s not just the twin outsized letters, I think it’s also the matching red dots of sealing wax that confuse me too.  It’s a bit unfair really, because they’re not really recycling the design that much.  I’m just easily confused, especially this time of year.  They are both still brilliant, though.

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