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    • from the recent feature depicting women in the domestic scene – you showed an image of a woman in kitchen, just to let you know that was an illustration by Aubrey Rix – depicting the domestic goddess.
      thanks as always for keeping us all inspired…….

    • I have a question about a piece of old billboard poster i found of a blonde woman holding a martini glass (i believe it’s a cosmopolitan) in one hand and what appears to be a movie script in the other. She’s quite stunning, wearing a white evening gown and pink scarf. Can anyone attempt to identify the ad the model or anything?

    • Hello! love the site, would you happen to have a Frederick William Charles (John) Farleigh, 1947 poster that you wish to part with??

    • Where can I by posters created for the Empire Marketing Board? Thank you. Sandra

    • Hello Sandra, I’m afraid I don’t know – they don’t often come up at auction. Sorry about that.

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