Right, it’s Friday afternoon, so shall we order some posters?

London Trransport poster catalogue 1976

I think that, as we’ve already got versions of the two Carol Barker ones, I’d like to order Foxes by Peter Roberson please.

Peter Roberson Foxes poster  London Transport 1971

Especially as the prices are so low.

London Transport price list 1976- ppster price details

As you may have guessed by now, we will have t o use some form of time travel if we actually want any of these posters sent to us; the catalogue, sadly dates from 1976. It’s a London Transport poster catalogue, detailing all of the reproduction and current posters that they were offering for sale.

There’s more on the other side too, and they’re even better.

London Transport poster catalogue 1976 part two

I’d take pretty much any of these if they were on offer.

It’s also a reminder that there were some very good illustrators still being used in the early 1970s.  We are lucky enough to own the Michael Carlo.

Michael Carlo Kew London Transport poster 1971

But the Graham Clarke one of Chenies is also very fine too.

1969 Graham Clarke Chenies London Transport poster 1971

(Apologies for the image sizes being all over the show today, but I’m not exactly spoiled for choice as these posters are clearly only of interest to me).

The catalogue has come, you won’t be surprised to learn, from Rik Shepherd, whose father kept all kinds of wonderful poster sales memorabilia – there’s a lot more where this came from and I’ll share some more of them on here in due course.

Rik also points out that some of the posters pictured in the catalogue are shown with the ‘This is a Reproduction of a London Transport Poster’ overprinting on them, as discussed on here before.  He and I are currently debating why and when this over-printing happened.  When it’s not so hot and my brain works properly, I’ll try and get our thoughts together and see what you reckon.

  • quote
    Apologies for the image sizes being all over the show today, but I’m not exactly spoiled for choice as these posters are clearly only of interest to me

    Au contraire. I am very interested indeed! Lovely, thank you.

  • It’s also of interest to me, as I have recently acquired framed originals of the Ronald Glendening Bands and Markets posters as well as a Graham Clarke one for Richmond. The first two have lost some of their redness over the years but still look good; in fact the Bands poster seems more like the original artwork on the LT museum site now! The lady I bought them from explained they had been sent by LT to Canada in the 1970s for a transportation publicity event at the Eaton’s Department stores where her husband was a manger, and that he rather liked them so hung them on his office walls for the next 30 years, bringing them with him to the UK when he changed jobs.

  • Glad to have been of service to both of you. And I also think that the LT posters of the 1970s have been much underestimated, so I’m glad that they were appreciated at the time.

    It’s also really interesting to learn of these ‘informal’ exhibitions, which I’m sure are hardly recorded at all, but if they were happening in Canada, must have had equivalents all over the place.

  • This is probably the nicest of the catalogues, because of the combination of current (for the time) posters and proper colour printing.

    It also seems to be the last one that I have access to that has so many current posters, rather than reprinting posters from the dawn of the LTPB.

  • Yes, that’s an interestng point – the balance between appreciating modern design and going nostalgic. I’ll have a proper think about that one of these days, when my brain isn’t being boiled out of my head.

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