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I used to know about design history a long time ago, but then I gave it up to work in the media.  Then I gave that up too, so now I’ve got plenty of time to write stuff about posters.

Along with MrCrownfolio, I collect some of the posters and graphics that I write about here.  But we’re not enormously rich (some error, surely) and so we tend not to buy from dealers or at the big auctions, but snap up bargains on eBay and wherever else we can find them.  As a result we have a collection of a quite a lot of middling stuff, a lot of 10″ x 15″s (cheaper to buy, cheaper to frame) and a few real gems.

Amstutz camping coaches railway poster

MrCrownfolio is in charge of the complicated eBay cleverness which delivers some of these bargains, but has sworn never to reveal his secrets on the internet. So don’t ask.

  • I write books about design and love some of your images. Is there any way I could get to meet you and discuss your posters I live in London but am more than prepared to visit [as long as not to Scottish Islands]!!!!!!!!!! ruth artmonsky

  • Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Those shop fronts a re so evocative, I used to buy startched wing collars from Dennys in the early 1970s. I am delighted to see that Ruth has also commented here, and by your entries on the great Barbara Jones. You may be interested to know the the 7 Stories Museum in Newcastle own all of the art work for her wartime (I think) children’s book about the tram.
    Best Ian

  • I knew Hans Unger from 1953 until not long before his death. He was a long standing friend and colleague of my mother’s second husband and became a firm family friend. I have a piece of his work.

  • Just saw your blog and comments from some old friends (Ruth and Ian). We seem to be fans of the same designers! I haven’t got around to looking on ebay, you obviously get all of the bargains.

  • Good luck with the move – I still find after 3 years I am missing books – hopefully in those boxes in the corner. At least you should be able to enjoy your images on your lovely blog – I find it fascinating. Do you have any of the Lyons Corner House series? Best wishes, Eliz..

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