Do you want to know more about posters?

There is more and more good information about posters becoming available from a whole range of people and institutions.  Here are a few places to start:

General sites

V&A Poster Bibliography
World War Two Posters


Some websites dedicated to the work of individual designers:
Abram Games
Ken Garland
George Him (Lewitt-Him)


It’s now possible to look at an almost limitless range of classic posters on the web, thanks to the digitisation of museum archives.  Here are just a few of the best.

London Transport Museum
National Railway Museum
British Postal Museum & Archive
ADS – an almost limitless resource, but includes:
– The Eckersley Archive
Imperial War Museum posters
Design Council Slide Collection
Design Magazine online
Empire Marketing Board Posters
Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents – WW2 posters
BT Archive (low on images)

or buy a poster from a dealer?

If you like the kind of design that gets posted on this blog, then Rennies has to be your first port of call for all things graphic and modern.

Other dealers who might have something appealing include:

Kiki Werth
Books and Things
Dodo Posters
Barclay Samson
Miscellaneous Man
Henry Sotheran
Tony Scanlon

But bear in mind that, while you will get fabulous quality posters in wonderful condition from a dealer, this will come at a price.

There are many, many more dealers out there that I haven’t included on this list, mainly because they deal in either foreign posters, twirly-whirly art nouveau or both.   You can find them listed on the Further Links page.

or from an auction?

The major auction houses such as Christies and, less frequently, Bonhams have regular auctions of posters, but generally you will be looking at the top end of the market here – in terms of both the posters offered and what you may pay.  Bloomsbury Auctions also have the occasional poster cropping up, although the same caveats apply.

The best specialist poster auction is undoubtedly Onslows, although their auctions are running less frequently than they used to.  And of course eBay can deliver the odd treasure (as well as a mountain of reproductions).

There are a range of other specialist auction houses on the web, mostly abroad.

Van Sabben – some finds here (and lots of Dick Bruna!)
Swann Galleries
International Poster Centre

In addition, there are a number of railwayana auctions which also sell posters.  They – along with all the other railwayana sites – are listed on Further Links, because you do have to wade through an awful lot of metalwork to find the paper.

And finally, a Norwegian collector Dag Suul has put together a terrifyingly complete set of international poster links here and here as has Rene Wanner on his slightly more idiosyncratic poster page.

(If you think that your site is missing from these pages, then please do use the contact form to tell me).

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