pictorially speaking


Anonymous chemist’s poster, c. 1880


John Hassall, c. 1889.


John Hassall, 1908.


Maxwell Armfield, 1915.

war daddy_jpg_l

Saville Lumley, 1914


Alfred Leete, 1914.

remember belgium

Anonymous, 1915

rugby war recruiting

Anonymous, 1915


Tom Purvis, 1923.

kauffer 1927

Edward McKnight Kauffer, 1927

Blast Furnace Vintage Empire marketing board poster Clive Gardiner

Clive Gardiner, c.1930

The people bring.. vintage Empire Marketing Board poster

Anonymous, 1927-1933

LNER Harwich crossings poster a r thomson

A. R Thomson, 1931.

Vanessa Bell unused poster design for GPO 1935

Vanessa Bell, 1934 

Denis Constanduros long man of wilmington better pic shell poster

Denis Constanduros,  1932

guinness seal

Gilroy, 1934

Orient Line Cruises to Norway vintage travel poster Richard beck 1937

Richard Beck, 1937

richmond park laura knight

Dame Laura Knight, 1938

McKNight Kauffer vintage propaganda poster ARP 1938

Edward McKnight Kauffer, 1938

Fougasse Careless Talk Costs Lives vintage WW2 poster ebay

Fougasse, 1942

Bateman Coughs and Sneezes world war two propaganda poster home front

H M Bateman, c.1941

Coughs & Sneezes Spread Diseases, original WW2 Home Front poster printed for HMSO by Chromoworks circa 1940

Anonymous, World War Two

Frank Newbould Your Britain Fight For It Now ww2 propaganda poster army ABCA

Frank Newbould, c. 1944

Lewitt HIm vintage world war two propaganda poster shanks pony

Lewitt Him, 1944

James Fitton Ministry of Food vintage milk poster

James Fitton, c.1946

Henrion BOAC vintage travel poster 1947 Swann

F H K Henrion, 1947

robin day

Robin Day, 1951

barbara jones

Barbara Jones, 1951

Tom Eckersley Enos Fruit salts ad 1950

Tom Eckersley, 1947

Karo soft fruit by post genius GPO poster

Karo, 1952

Savignac times poster Artist Partners brochure

Savignac, c. 1954?

wills cut golden bar

Abram Games, 1954

Lt Copes advertising poster

Anonymous, c. 1957

[commercial image in here]

Ashley Havinden Stick To Beer poster

[we may also need a food poster in here]


Anonymous, 1950s.

Henrion London Transport poster 1956 Changing of the Guard

FHK Henrion, 1956

Macfisheries poster Hans Schleger

Hans Schleger (‘Zero’), 1958


Daphne Padden coach party travel star signs

Daphne Padden, late 1950s

 Jack Merriott Somerset British Railways vintage poster 1960


Jack Merriott, 1960.

Tom Eckersley Omo poster 1962 Modern Publicity

Tom Eckersley 1962

Go To Work on an egg pink poster Egg Marketing Board




John Burningham, 1961


Patrick Tilley, 1962



Saatchi and Saatchi pregnant man poster

Probably end with these two posters which mark the last times a poster has real social impact – and in both cases, why they were forced to use posters rather than television.

Coda: Keep Calm and Carry on

Original layout of Keep Calm and Carry on vintage World War Two poster 1939

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