Sale Number

It’s gone a bit quieter on eBay now, which is a bit of a relief, at least it is here at Crownfolio Towers because we’ve spent a bit too much recently.  Nonetheless, there are still a few things worth reporting.  Like this, which is one of the linen-backed London Transport posters I wrote about a while back.

Ebay Beath vintage London transport poster Winter Number 1936

It’s by Beath, it’s from 1936 and it is currently bid-free at £14.99.  Now I rather like these, as perhaps rather un-English examples of good typography.  But it would seem from the lack of other interest that I am perhaps alone in this.  Never mind, I still might get ours framed one day.

While in the States, an unusually early poster has turned up.

Emilio Tafani vintage London Transport poster Denham 1918

Dating from 1918, it’s by Emilio Tafani and is also mounted on linen, although a little battered.  And yes, I have seen the carpet.

Back in this country, the Honey Monster would like you to go skiing.

Vintage British Railways Skiing poster 1959 Studio Seven eBay

Not Studio Seven’s finest hour really.

I know nothing at all about these but I rather think I need to.

Motif Journal of visual arts from ebay I covet this

The listing is reasonably informative, and also has enough pictures to make me want them very badly.

Motif Journal of visual arts from ebay

Motif Journal of visual arts from ebay

Motif Journal of visual arts from ebay

But at £650 for the set, I can’t exactly justify it.  Does anyone know any more about the history or who the artists are though?  Particularly that Cooks for fruit illustration above.

There’s a bit more interest in an auction in Norfolk next week.  Only a bit though as several of the posters are Of Railway Interest, like this wartime morale-booster which has a very reasonable estimate of £100-120.

In war and Peace we serve vintage WW2 railway poster

Although I do find myself quite liking this pre-war design (also est £100-120).

Easter Travel 1930s LMS poster Keys auction

But the most interesting, to my mind at least, is this (no estimate given).

Xenia come to Britain vintage travel poster 1954

This is partly because it’s not a railway poster but produced by the British Travel and Tourism Authority, but also because it’s by Xenia, who I’ve never come across in any other context.  And it’s brilliantly mid-50s.  But we’ve got one already, so it’s all yours if you want it.