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Price Conspiracy

Now, I know I’ve been saying recently that eBay prices are going up and can sometimes be a match for the auction houses these days.  Clearly I am not the only person to have come to this conclusion. A seller called the design conspiracy (a name just asking for a snarky comeback) has put this poster […]

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Blackpool, camels and shandy

I’m posting like fury this week to try and catch up with all the auctions that are going on.  Although this post is in fact about a couple of auctions that have already happened, but are still worth noting. The first of these is the recent GWRA auction, where we had been hoping to get […]

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Love and money

A proper post is brewing and will follow tomorrow, but this is just a brief appearance to let you know that all your Valentines poster needs are solved. I’ve mentioned this Dorrit Dekk poster before, and now it has appeared on eBay, not once but twice.  It ought to go really, it’s just the kind […]

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Deck the halls

I think it’s about time to get the Christmas decorations out, isn’t it?  Or in this case, the Christmas posters.  I’ve been saving this one for half the year – and that’s not a weird reflection on it, by the way, it’s part of the design. This delight is a little 10″ x 15″ London […]

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Food is Necessary

Once again, people have been sending me things.  To be more precise, they’ve been sending pictures of things.  Which is a shame, as I would have very much liked to get this in the post. Michael Sand got in contact with me.  His parents were friends of Hans Unger’s in London in the 196os, and […]

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Where are we?

Just when I thought I’d got on top of the auction situation, another one pops up.  This time it’s Onslows, whose winter sale will be on 19th December.  The catalogue isn’t up yet, but there are a few preview images to whet your appetite, of which this is my favourite. Frank McNamara, circa 1950, est. […]

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