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Once again, we are back with the conundrum that we have no idea how much we don’t know about posters.  Although I suspect there are vast unsuspected continents of ignorance out there in the darkness. One small portion of it popped its head above the parapet before Christmas, when these two posters appeared on eBay. […]

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There are of course other exceptions to my rule (as stated below) that most 1960s posters aren’t worth hanging on my wall. The obvious ones are of course Patrick Tilley’s posters for the Sunday Times. I’ve posted about them on here before. Along with, thanks to Patrick Tilley himself, the follow-up set of designs that […]

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Cleaning up

Remember our Daphne Padden prints from last year? (Which are, incidentally, still available, if you want one just leave a comment or drop me a line via the contact form). Well now, thanks to the lovely people at To Dry For, you are now also able to buy Daphne Padden tea towels too.  Just take […]

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We’re going a bit off-piste today, heading for a change towards those heady days of modernity before the Second World War. That we’re doing this is all the fault of regular correspondent medieval modernist who pointed me at this particular set of posters a while back. And every since then I haven’t been able to stop […]

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Him and Her

Do you want to see one of my birthday presents?  Or at least the illustrations contained within. The book is Zuleika Dobson by Max Beerbohm – for a change it is a book I’ve always intended to read –  and the illustrations are by George Him. So of course they are wonderful. As is Mr […]

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Add To Cart

I could quite happily just give you this single picture and consider it a complete post, because it’s just fantastic What I’m showing you here is a three and half metre long mural by Barbara Jones called ‘Out in the Hall’ from 1962.  I have no idea what it was painted for – although given […]

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