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In a field of their own

I really ought to be writing about the latest Great Central Railwayana catalogue, but  that will have to wait for now, as my attention has been grabbed by a pair of rather fetching animals instead. This delightful pig is being sold on eBay by the previously mentioned Postercollection. It’s by Derrick Hass, it’s probably from […]

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Worth it in the long run

I am rushing in just to tell you about Great Central Railwayana.  I’ve had the catalogue for ages, and been meaning to write about it for ages, and now, suddenly, the auction is this Saturday.  I blame the builders. Once again, there are a good selection of posters on offer, ten times the number that […]

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New Kids on the Block

The auctions are coming thick and fast now, so much so that this may end up being a bit of a hasty canter through what’s on offer.  But never mind, the pictures are pretty. First in our sights is Great Northern Railwayana Auctions, who deserve a particularly warm welcome not only because they are a […]

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The Clever Housewife

Auction time is upon us once again.  In fact we are currently so beset by auctions that I’m unlikely to get them all into one post and (oh the shame) I’ve even missed a couple.  Nonetheless, we will persevere. The very lovely Swann Auctions in New York have sent over the catalogue for their sale […]

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Beck again

I’m in the middle of writing a big long post about, well, things, but it’s hard work in the heat, and now Mr Crownfolio has been distracting me with interesting posters. Two to be precise, both of which are coming up for sale in American auctions, and both of which are worth five minutes of your […]

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On 16th July, Bloomsbury are holding their Poster Sale, in what I’m hoping will be the last auction for a while – I say this mainly because I want to write about other things for a chance. I’m not so jaded that I am going to do this, but I am aware that I could […]

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