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Tennis, surfing and elephants

What with it being summer and all that, things have quietened down a bit on the auction front this month, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on.  Next week, Swann Galleries have a sale, with a few items of interest to this blog included. Like every other recent sale, the anniversary of World War […]

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The lovely Daphne Padden tea towels that To Dry For produced along with us have now been on sale for a year, and, I am pleased to report, are doing very well.  So much so that you can now by Daphne Padden stuff in Heals and Liberty’s.  Which is only as it should be really. […]

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Posters for particular people

Despite all our resolutions, we seem to have bought some new posters.  The only justification I have is that a couple of them are quite interesting – this also being my justification for showing them off on here. The most straightforward is this Eckersley for London Transport. It’s very nice, we know who it’s by, […]

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To the Max

Right, this is a fleeting visit as time has run away with me this week, but you need to know that Bloomsbury have an auction, and it’s tomorrow.  The title is Railwayana including the collection of Michael Max, and it contains all manner of things, including nineteenth century Parliamentary reports on atmospheric railways and maps of […]

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Spying on posters

Another photograph from Twitter for your amusement.  This time, it’s Vauxhall Bridge in the late 1950s. The bomb site/development area hidden by the posters will one day become Terry Farrell’s MI5 headquarters. Mr Crownfolio says that we have a copy of the Keep Britain Tidy poster, which I think is by Amstutz, but I can’t […]

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Poster shopping wise, if not price wise

Christies bi-annual poster sale is once again hoving into view at the end of the month, and this time around there are some very expensive posters that they’d like you to buy. The stakes are sufficiently high for this not to be the most expensive British poster. Anonymous, 1939, Est. £6,000-8,000 That honour instead falls […]

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