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Hear more, do less

Now here’s something interesting, albeit thoroughly of its era in its attitude to racial difference.  (A riot of Colour and Music reads rather differently to us today with those images attached). Nonetheless, here it is and so, like the Volkswagen and Empire Marketing Board posters, we shall consider it. This was emailed to me by […]

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Why Bring That Up?

Sometimes I make promises which turn out to be quite rash. When this poster came up for sale a few weeks ago, I said that I would find out more about both Tristram Hillier and Jezreel’s tower and report back. In both cases this has turned out to be a more difficult task than I thought. […]

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Lovely bombs

You may need to bear with me on this post.  I’ve been thinking about writing it for at least a year, possibly longer.  I’m sure all the ideas made a lovely linear argument when I first had them, but I’ve pondered them so long that they’ve all turned into some kind of thought soup.  The […]

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Too small

The next Van Sabben auction is tomorrow, but we are only going to pay it a very brief visit.  This is partly because it is, as ever, vast and with few British posters tucked away in there.  But also because they’ve changed the format of their website, and the pictures are tiny.  How can I […]

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Mountain sand and sea

Still in catch up mode, there is also a GCR railwayana auction on Saturday (yes, the kind of Saturday that is tomorrow).  There are lots of posters up for grabs but, it has to be said, no real surprises, though it’s still worth a tour. What we do have is a fair number of tourist towns on […]

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Remedial Pine Baths

Just squeezing this post in close to the wire, as the next Christies Poster Sale has rather crept up on me and turns out to be tomorrow.  But still, I do assume that most of you – no, actually, make that every last one of you – only read this blog in the spirit of a […]

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