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New ideas for dishwashers

Christmas is madness in so many ways, but one of them is that there is far too much television on to take in all at once.  So one of the series that Mr Crownfolio and I stashed away to watch later, was The Home That 2 Built, which is a history of makeover and suchlike programming on […]

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Winter Cavalcade

You’d think we’d all be winding down for Christmas by now, but not in poster world, oh no.  We may be almost half way througb December, but there are still two auctions on the horizon.  The first is Swann, whose next auction is on 17th December.  Fortunately for my Christmas relaxation, this time they are […]

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Please Look

This was meant to be a Friday afternoon treat, but got unavoidably delayed.  Still, these four posters are delightful any day. These first two for the GPO, I have never seen before, and they don’t seem to be in the BPMA archive either.  While this one I have no idea about at all, except that the […]

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I’m still catching up with the auctions, but I think we are nearly there now.  I missed the recent Van Sabben auction entirely, but then there were only three or four bits of British interest in there, of which this Reginald Mount poster was perhaps the most interesting. There seems to be an almost unfailing […]

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Rail comfort

For goodness sake, I’d just written an entire paragraph pointing out that this is half term, I’m meant to be having fun but instead the auctions are coming at me so thick and fast that I can’t keep up with them.  And then WordPress only went and lost it.  Which didn’t exactly make things better. […]

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Better for a shower

Apologies about the delay between broadcasts, my computer had some kind of nervous breakdown and had to be sent away to a sanatorium for a few days. Pleasingly, it is now back and recovered, which means that together it and I can get stuck into the vast heap of auctions which are coming up in […]

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