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Hand crafted

This picture was tweeted by @HistoryInPictures the other day, and I thought you lot deserved to see it. It was captioned ‘Making propaganda posters’, but I’d be surprised if that’s what’s actually going on here.  Even the British found printing posters a bit more efficient than hand-drawing each one, and this picture, a bit of […]

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Jam and newspapers

Temple Gate in Bristol, 1961.  Which, I can testify, looks nothing like that now. But just look at those posters on the right.  This is not just because, as ever, it’s both rare and wonderful to see posters out in the wild, but also because, taken as a group, they are not bad.  Admittedly I […]

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At Home

I probably can’t apologise long and hard enough for the absence of any blog posts recently, but works on Crownfolio Towers have rather taken precedence for the last month.  I now know more about lime washing than, frankly, I ever wished to. Please have this James Fitton by way of recompense. A normal service will […]

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Worth it in the long run

I am rushing in just to tell you about Great Central Railwayana.  I’ve had the catalogue for ages, and been meaning to write about it for ages, and now, suddenly, the auction is this Saturday.  I blame the builders. Once again, there are a good selection of posters on offer, ten times the number that […]

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Pictorial posters, cheap

I’ve never come across Bristol Railwayana Auctions before now. Given that there are only two posters in their current sale, this is perhaps not so surprising. They are, however, about to auction this. It’s image-free and tatty (and the best thing that the catalogue can find to say about it is that it  has a […]

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Egging it

If I use the words Philip Larkin and 1963 in the same sentence, you pretty much know what’s coming next, don’t you? Sexual intercourse began In nineteen sixty-three (which was rather late for me) – Between the end of the “Chatterley” ban And the Beatles’ first LP. (rest of the poem here if you want) […]

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