Harry Stevens 1961 poster design on saucer


Sound the klaxon, there’s a bargain in the area. It doesn’t get to blare out that often these days, posters being what they are, but the objects of interest today aren’t paper but ceramic.

The London Transport Museum Shop had the wit and discrimination to commission a range of Harry Stevens pottery. Now I have banged on about how under-rated Harry Stevens is so much on here that I had hoped that the whole world now appreciates his style. It seems not. The range appears to have appealed only to a few afficionados, and so are now in the sale, dirt cheap.

You can have a four piece expresso set (two cups, two saucers) for just £5.

Harry Stevens 1961 poster design on  saucer

This comes in either bird or dog.

Harry Stevens design on saucer with pink cup

Or you can get a dog mug for a ridiculous £2.50.

mug with design of mug

All three designs come from this poster, ‘In the Vernal Seasons of the Year’, which he designed in 1961.

poster of bird and dog in sixties stained glass style

The quote is from Milton, the picture from the London Transport Museum.

You will not be in the slightest bit surprised to learn that we have bought all of these. What are you waiting for?

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