December 11th

We’re still travelling early, we’re still shopping early.  And, above all, we’re definitely posting early.

Harry Stevens Post early vintage GPO poster 1960

This is by Harry Stevens from 1960.  Very good it is too, but I would just like to raise one point of order.  The pipe.  This isn’t a P.C. objection to the glamourisation of smoking, but a serious technical question.  How on earth would a snowman smoke a pipe without melting?  Answers on a postcard please.

A more serious question is why Harry Stevens isn’t more highly thought of these days.  He did a lot of stuff for both the GPO and London Transport, and he appears as often as Games or Eckersley in the annuals of the time.  But he’s not much collected now.  I’ll have answers to that conundrum too,while I’m at it.  If anyone has an idea.

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