9th December

The GPO kept Hans Unger busy in the 1960s, and here are a couple more of his designs for them.  I particularly like this psychedelic Christmas Tree from 1967.

Hans Unger fearsome Christmas Tree poster GPO 1967

Although I also slightly fear the determined gleam in its eye.  Where is it going? And is it after me for not posting my cards yet?

This rather gentler image is from 1962.

Hans Unger Vintage GPO poster 1962 post early

Unger did seem to like fluorescent inks on his posters – there’s another one coming up later in the calendar too.  He used them for London Transport as well in 1956, and I’m sure for others as well.

Vintage Hans Unger London Transport poster 1956 Tower of London

Tomorrow, a chicken.  Very Christmassy, I’m sure.

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