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Once again, this post comes to you courtesy of someone else’s generosity.  In this case, it’s thanks to Mike Ashworth, who pointed me towards the Phyllis Nicklin collection, via this picture of Jiggins Lane in Bartley Green, Birmingham in 1953. Great, isn’t it.  And rare too.  Considering how present posters were on the streets of Britain in the […]

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Push once

I’m finding it hard to get worked up about auctions at the moment.  This might be because I’m getting jaded, but I think it’s more that there isn’t that much of interest coming through at the moment (and if anyone has any theories as to why this might be, please do let me know in […]

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Back in time for posters

Do you remember the ghosts of Notting Hill Gate? These were the posters discovered during a renovation of the tube station a few years ago. A fascinating time capsule, they provided an evocative wormhole back to the concerns and consumerism of the late 1950s, all documented by LT’s Head of Design and Heritage, Mike Ashworth. Where we […]

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Odds and ends, including string

This has appeared on eBay. It’s fearfully expensive, with a starting price of £125, but I thought it was worth drawing to your attention, because it’s an Eckersley-Lombers design that I can’t recall having seen before.  And it is wonderfully modern. I haven’t been scrutinising eBay as much as I used to, mainly because the […]

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Hear more, do less

Now here’s something interesting, albeit thoroughly of its era in its attitude to racial difference.  (A riot of Colour and Music reads rather differently to us today with those images attached). Nonetheless, here it is and so, like the Volkswagen and Empire Marketing Board posters, we shall consider it. This was emailed to me by […]

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Why Bring That Up?

Sometimes I make promises which turn out to be quite rash. When this poster came up for sale a few weeks ago, I said that I would find out more about both Tristram Hillier and Jezreel’s tower and report back. In both cases this has turned out to be a more difficult task than I thought. […]

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