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Really quite a long time ago, I put these two posters up on here.

Dan Fern Vintage Cadburys Crunchie poster 1960s

Mainly because they’d appeared on eBay and I rather liked the look of them.

Dan Fern Vintage Cadburys Crunchie poster 1960s

And also because they fantastic, and furthermore because they are by Dan Fern, who was Professor of Illustration when I was at the RCA.

I am clearly the only person ever to have noticed them because a few weeks ago, someone emailed Quad Royal HQ to ask me about them and how they were sold. I knew nothing more than I had said, but a brief bit of googling came up with this rather splendid image which is pretty much all of the answer I needed.

You send off your 3’/-, along with three Crunchie wrappers, and get four posters, and a mind bending experience to boot. The other two are by Chris McEwan, who also had a long career in illustration after this.

And I, at least, also learned that Crunchie bars were once made by Frys rather than Cadburys.

So I thought you should know as well.

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