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We’re going out of our usual territory today, but the detour is worth it.  The destination?  The Museum of Anti-Alcohol Posters.

Out Soviet Anti Alcohol poster

This is a great collection of anti-drinking posters put together by Yuri Matrosovich for no other reason than his own amusement.

To Health Soviet anti-alcohol poster
To Health!

He found a few, then started to collect them, and then put them online and that is, er, it.

Russian vintage anti-alcohol poster

All the information I can give you about them is the English translations that he’s provided (and if anyone feels up to translating the one above I’d be very grateful); not knowing any Russian, I can’t discover dates or designers or, indeed, anything at all.

Socially Dangerous Russian anti-alcohol poster
Socially dangerous!

All there is to do is enjoy them.  There are plenty more on Yuri’s website, but as he himself says, some are brilliant, some a bit more slapdash.  But worth taking a look at anyway.

Rich Inner Substance Russian anti-alcohol poster
Rich Inner Substance

And now I’m off for a drink.

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