I don’t know why I didn’t include this in Friday’s post.

Henrion Day View Television poster early 50s

It’s a recent acquisition, and it’s by

Henrion signature from KB television poster

It had only arrived earlier in the week too, so there really is no excuse.  Except perhaps for the fact that it doesn’t look, to my knowledge, anything like any other poster he did, so I forgot it was by him.  In fact, as Mr Crownfolio pointed out, it doesn’t look much like an English poster at all.

It also doesn’t look much like it’s advertising televisions, I keep thinking of cruises every time I look at it.  Which is perhaps why KB Television didn’t survive. But I rather like it.

  • Good old Kolster-Brandes – they were a British offshoot of a Canadian/American company. K-B apparently had a “long association” with Cunard, supplying radios and equipment for their vessels – I wonder if this advert accidentally plays to that?

  • That’s really interesting, so I wasn’t hallucinating the cruise connection!

    You may well be right there, but perhaps it was even designed to go on board ship. But how satisfying to find that out, thank you

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