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A little bit of Ravilious for you on a Friday, yet another thing which I have unearthed on the bookshelves as a result of the move.

British Art BBC talks pamphlet Eric Ravilious

I particularly like the little electric transmission logos at the bottom.

Sadly there is no further Ravilious to be found inside, although there is a collection of wierd and wonderful things, including an iron age shield, an Eric Gill sculpture and Winchester Cathedral. ┬áThe artists’ tools on the cover seem positively conservative in comparison.

  • Good old Aunty…it would be great to see more unearthed from them. They and their various offshoots produced some lovely varied stuff. Victor Reinganaum (4 decades of illustrations for The Radio Times), is a personal favourite.

  • We do have a small heap of BBC Schools booklets, some of them done by really interesting people, and I really ought to get round to posting some of them one of these days. I wish children got offered things that were half as inspiring these days.

    I have come across Victor Reinganaum, but can’t remember in what context. I think he did do one or two posters. More remembering needed.

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