Christmas Joy

Another set of festive posters from the BMPA today.  These three have nothing in common other than that they are all wonderful.  Oh, and I’d love to own a copy of each and every one of them.

This first one is a wartime design by Hans Schleger from 1943.

Hans Schleger Vintage GPO wartime ww2 post early Christmas poster stocking

While I can tell you next to nothing about this one at all: only that the artist is Davies and it dates from 1946,  Any more information (and of course copies of the poster) gratefully received.

Davies vintage post early GPO poster 1946 robin skating

Finally a much later Hans Unger from 1964.

Hans Unger Vintage shop post early GPO poster 1964 Father Christmas stamp

But all of them both good design and very cheerful.  Happy Christmas Posting everyone.

  • I know nothing about Davies, either – but I SO want that Robin! Having that on my wall might actually induce me to get my cards off before Dec 23rd each year.

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