• Agree with your comments about Simon Heffer’s rather egocentric look at British war movies of the 1950s. But seeing these posters for The League of Gentlemen makes me want to watch it again, right now!

    Like you, I searched high and low for the name of a designer. Best I could come up with is that the final one is reminiscent of the work of the great Bob Peak.,b.htm

    Also found another poster from the same movie, the work of someone called Luzian.

    Thanks for a brilliant blog.

  • It could have been such a good programme – I’d happily read a book about the whole idea of remaking the war in the 1950s. Never mind.

    I was hoping someone from the period would turn up and remember who did it; next step might have to be a search through Designers in Britain or similar to see who gets a credit.

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