Missing in Action

At some point over the weekend, Mr Crownfolio and I happened across a BBC4  documentary about British war films of the 1950s.

The programme itself felt like a bit of a missed opportunity to me.  The way in which the British had to come to terms with what had happened in World War Two by endlessly processing and reprocessing the history is fascinating – and something which continues almost to this day as stories like Bletchley Park are slowly revealed.  But the programme got rather diverted by getting an interview with Virginia McKenna and giggling over Sylvia Syms’ cleavage instead.

However I’m rather glad we stuck with it as, towards the end, this appeared.

League of Gentleman film poster quad royal

It’s good, isn’t it?  But I have no idea who it’s by, and the internet can’t seem to enlighten me – something which isn’t made any easier by the fact that any search for League of Gentlemen inevitably gets confused by rather a lot of Royston Vaisey.  Although I can tell you that the Swedish version is possibly even better.

League of Gentleman swedish film poster

But can any of you tell me who it’s by, as I’d really like to know?

Just to add to the confusion, there’s also a crown format version, which I am guessing is by a different hand.  Although I can’t identify this artist either.


Answers, if you have them, to the comment box at the bottom of the page please.

  • brilliant site and everything is in such good taste… as a Norfolk resident not sure that Sheringham is the new NHoS. Think that title belongs to Burnham Market further along the coast. Either way, apropos nothing apart from good style there’s a new book out about Ken Garland (Galt Toys branding etc) by Unit publishers who I’ve never heard of, and the book isn’t available on Amazon… however, a good article in current Creative Review and a small taster here http://www.uniteditions.com/shop/ken-garland

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