People keep sending me things.  Which is wonderful, but does every so often necessitate a whole post to catch up with them.

First off the blocks is ‘mm’, who chipped in after the recent discussion about Harry Stevens to point out these two film posters of his which have come up on eBay.

Harry Stevens Barnacle Bill film poster

I have never seen either of them before, but then that’s not entirely surprising as I continue to know very little about film posters despite the best efforts of some people to educate me.  Mind you, as these are £395 and £450 respectively, I can’t afford to develop an interest, can I?

Harry Stevens the long arm film poster

However, these are both rather good designs, and the second one, particularly, is a very different style for Stevens.  So, good to see.

But there are bargains to be had.  Neil J, knowing of my deep affection for David Klein’s now rather expensive mid-century posters, emailed to tell me about the work that David Klein did for Amtrak in 1975.  Which looks a bit like this.

David Klein florida Amtrak poster 1975

Or indeed this.


There’s quite an interesting article about the posters on Amtrak’s own website, which says that these posters were available to the public (just $6 for the entire set), which probably explains why they are quite cheap now.  Neil got his copies for a whacking $29 each.  Hurrah for that.

Elsewhere,  my now rather old post about Hans Unger continues to attract not only people who knew him, but also now a journalist who hopes to write an article about him and his work.  I very much hope that this happens.

But in the course of all this, one of the previous commenters sent me these pictures, of a mosaic and a watercolour, both given to him by Unger.  So I thought you might like to see them too.

Hans Unger London watercolour


Finally, I mentioned one of these posters a few years ago when it came up on eBay.  It was, apparently, part of a collaboration between the LEB and the Royal College of Art.  And now I have photos of all of them, thanks to yet another kind correspondent.

LEB Royal College of Art Poster Ruskin Spear

LEB Royal College of Art Poster Sam Rabin



LEB Royal College of Art Poster Geoffery Clarke


LEB Royal College of Art Poster Robin Darwin

http://www.flickr.com/photos/36844288@N00/4913224608/in/photostream/ Donald hamilton Fraser


The first four are by Ruskin Spear, Sam Rabin, Geoffery Clarke and Robin Darwin, and can be found on Mike Ashworth’s estimable photostream.  The last two are by Donald Hamilton Fraser and a name I can’t read at this resolution (looks like Leonard Rossiter, but I’m guessing it probably isn’t), and are not.  But all rather wonderful, so please do keep sending the photos, information and comments in – they are always very gratefully received.






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