Britain Can Make Lovely Posters

A further digression here.  I’ve spent the morning assembling the first draft of the links page, and in the course of it have rediscovered this wonderful photograph:

Britain can make it poster exhibition

It’s the General Printing part of the 1947 Britain Can Make It exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum.  The aim was to showcase the consumer goods which would lead the country’s manufacturing recovery after the war.  Although the show was wildly popular, it was generally known as ‘Britain Can’t Have It’ as the country was still under heavy rationing, and almost all the goods on display were designed for export.

Britain Can Make it posters wuder

At least the posters above would have been an exception to this.  I can identify a Games, the Lewitt-Him Vegetabull (below, any excuse) and a Fougasse.  The caption also tells me that the front poster about Milk is a James Fitton.  If you can identify any others, I’d love to know.

Lewitt Him vegetabull poster

The image comes from the VADS archive, which is a collection of more images and resources than one person can reasonably use in a lifetime.  They’ve got a good (if slightly over design-historical) introduction to Britain Can Make It if you’re interested in learning more.  I’d just like to have a wander round the exhibition really.  And then take the posters home, of course.