Country pleasures

The car broke down on the way home last night, and real life is generally intruding in one way or another, so proper posting will resume tomorrow.

In the meantime, have this by way of an apology.

See London and london's country Sheila Stratton vintage London transport poster

It’s by Sheila Stratton, it’s from 1954 and it’s one half of a pair poster, thus.

Sheila Stratton London's Country pair poster 1954 London Transport

And that’s pretty much all I can tell you about it, other than it is completely wonderful.

I tripped across it by accident in the LT collection a while back, and was so taken with it that I saved it for a day like today.  But I can’t seem to find out any more about Sheila Stratton, and this seems to be the only poster design of hers I can turn up, so if anyone has any more information, please do let me know.  And, even better, if you’ve got a spare one, the contact form is on the tab above.  I have a very good bit of wall just waiting.

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