Starting Small

I did promise some more Daphne Padden a couple of weeks ago, but there is a vast mound of posters to photograph (forty or more, not counting the duplicates) and with all the windows open for a breeze to stop my brain boiling in the heat, it’s not the easiest job right now.

So, as a starter, here are some small things, but ones that you might not have seen before.  (One or two of them might make it onto eBay in the next week or two, as we do now have quite a bit of her stuff…)

Daphne Padden P&O menu from estate sale

I’m guessing that this is another menu for P&O, but I can’t say for sure as it’s blank inside.  There is also a rather delightful trident-load of little birds on the back.

Daphne Padden menu birds on trident from back

Then there’s a BOAC children’s menu.

Daphne Padden BOAC children's menu

I don’t know when this was done, but the food police weren’t too much in evidence then; the menu includes chocolate biscuits, preserves and Madeira cake, but no mention of vegetables at all.

This equatorial certificate was for BOAC as well.

Daphne Padden BOAC equator certificate

She clearly liked all three of these designs, as they’d been framed for display and kept that way.

Finally, there’s a jigsaw for Nestle.  My guess would be that this came with a box of chocolates or biscuits.

Daphne Padden, Nestle animal jigsaw

The lions are particularly fine – and there will be plenty more animals when I do get round to photographing the posters properly.  Here’s an owl and four rabbits to whet your appetite until then.

Daphne Padden National Savings Poster

  • For some reason the seagull line-up reminds me of the Village People! It must be their vocational outfits… I can sort of picture them singing Y.M.C.A. In any case, I just *adore* the anchorman with his mini-mermaid on one hand and sombrero-wearing seagull balancing on cocktail on the other.

    The “equatorial certificate” is really quite charming, too. Seems so naive somehow.

    The lime-green owl looks to have taken too much LSD before his shift… he looks edgy!!

    Sorry for my random comments but I am enjoying your blog thoroughly!


  • I love the idea of the gulls singing YMCA! It was quite probably an organised ship-board entertainment.

    Daphne Padden did do some great owls – there’s a Party Travel poster with lots of them which I’ll post in a week or two. I’ve also got a lovely pendant that she designed with an owl on too.

    And please do keep commenting – it’s good to know that someone else is enjoying them as much as I am!

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