The return of Mr Huveneers

Mike Ashworth, whose Flickr stream brought us the wonderful lost posters of Notting Hill Gate, is clearly a man with much design ephemera to his name.  He very kindly sent me a link to this – a wonderful brochure cover by Pieter Huveneers from 1956.

PIeter Huveneers LM party brochure cover 1956

Now I blogged about Pieter Huveneers a while back, trying to find out discover whether the British designer of the 1950s then became the Australian corporate design guru of the 60s and 70s.  I had one enigmatic reply which said that this was the same person, but no more information than that.  Still, it’s good to know that he didn’t just disappear.  And it does give me an excuse to post this, which I love.

Pieter Huveneers vintage poster June Dairy Week

It’s a 10″ x 15″, and while Google has taught me that the June Dairy Festival was a big and regular do in the 50s, I still don’t really know what it was, or what the postie had to do with it.  So, once again, any information would be gratefully received.

  • I thought the design on the cover of a 1961 Mullard Maintenance Manual I came across was special so I googled the name in top left – Huveneers – and, indeed, I feel I can rightly say I know good design when I see it. Get in touch if you’ld like a scan.

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