Throw a Coach Party

It’s here.  The much anticipated Morphets everything-you-ever-wanted-to-own-from -the-sixties-and-seventies Malcolm Guest catalogue has arrived at The Saleroom and on their website.

Wales and Coach tours 2 vintage posters from morphets
Donald Smith, two posters for Hants and Dorset Coaches

My brain is going to take a while to absorb it all, especially in this heat – there are over a thousand lots, and with many of them multiples of between two and fifteen posters, I haven’t a clue how many posters are actually for sale.  Really quite a lot I should think, and all I’ve been able to do is skim through them.  So, for the moment, here are a few nice items chosen at random for your entertainment.  And a few first thoughts too.

Bruce Angrave, Party Travel for 8 or more, vintage rail poster morphets sale
Bruce Angrave, Party Travel, British Railways poster

There are huge numbers of posters which I certainly have never come across at auction or illustrated before, from, the whimsical to the modern.

Longman Party Outings By Rail vintage railway poster from Morphets
Longman, Party Outings By Rail, British Railways

JOHN WRIGHT Rail Rover Tickets vintage railway poster from Morphets
John Wright, Rail Rover Tickets, British Railways

And a few which seem to have fallen off the first sale, like this rather lovely bit of GWR modernism.

RALPH MOTT Factories and Factory Sites vintage GWR railway poster from Morphets
Ralph Mott Factories and Factory Sites, GWR

There are also a lot of coach posters in addition to the railway collection – well over three hundred.

Studio Seven Hire A Coach 2 x vintage posters from Morphets sale
Studio Seven, Hire a Coach

KARO/JACQUES Luxury Coach Tours; Send Your Parcels by Bus vintage coach posters from Morphets
Karo/Jacques, Luxury Coach Tours; Send Your Parcels by Bus

But mostly it’s the sheer quantity of posters itself that I find overwhelming.  I could – and probably will – do a whole post just about the Royston Coopers that they have, most of which I’ve never seen before.

Royston Cooper Marble Arch vintage coach poster Morphets sale

I should also point out that, once again, the estimates are insanely low.  That Royston Cooper is estimated at £50-100, as are the two Daphne Paddens below.

Daphne Padden 2 x spring vintage coach poster from Morphets sale

If even half the lots go for close to these estimates I will a) eat my hat and b) need a removal van to bring all of my purchases down from Harrogate.

It gets even madder when you start to look at the multiples.

Unger Eckersley Games from Morphets sale

Anyone fancy the Games, Eckersley and two Ungers above for £100 to £150?  I do, but I also don’t rate my chances too highly on that.

A full appraisal will follow in due course, but it really is worth going to take a look yourself – and then please do come back and tell me what you think.

  • Red and White posters have, as far as I know, never come up.

    My theory on this is that it was Tillings who commissioned the vast majority of coach posters that survive, and did so centrally, sending out ones that could be overprinted to the subsidiaries. Although you would think that there would be a few out there I’ve never seen them.

    And I am very envious of the bus, I’ve always wanted one (really).

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