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Stuff Stuff Stuffety Stuff

It’s time for a round-up of what’s for sale at the moment.  I’ve been swerving this for a few days, mainly because there are bits on offer all over the place in a rather scattergun fashion.  But bear with me and we will take a tour, starting with the Swann Galleries. Unfortunately their new catalogue […]

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Sale Number

It’s gone a bit quieter on eBay now, which is a bit of a relief, at least it is here at Crownfolio Towers because we’ve spent a bit too much recently.  Nonetheless, there are still a few things worth reporting.  Like this, which is one of the linen-backed London Transport posters I wrote about a […]

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Thick and Thin

This has been hanging around on the bookshelves for a bit, waiting to find a home. Which is quite a tricky problem as I can’t exactly roll it up as it’s on card.  Fortunately I’m starting to quite like it where it is; it may be there for a while. The design is by Royston […]

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Going, gone

So it’s back to work after the birthday festivities, which today means a brief round-up of eBay and auction news.  Such as there is. Thebasement101 seems to have an almost inexhaustible stock of slightly obscure London Transport posters backed on linen.  He has put another three up for sale this week, of which my favourite […]

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Auction thoughts

Once the dust had settled, I had hoped to come up with some conclusions about the Morphets bus and train extravaganza of last week.  But the more I look at the results, the more my brain becomes addled.  This isn’t just the result of the scale of it all, although that hasn’t got any better, […]

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It’s the economy, stupid

At least that’s my theory. I can’t account for the Onslows’s sale otherwise.  More posters than usual didn’t sell, or didn’t make their reserves, and very few indeed made more than their estimate.  It seems that after two weeks of hearing about nothing but austerity budgets and cost-cutting across the board, everyone is now too […]

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