Lucky for some

I posted a few weeks ago about our giant black cat, but this more manageable version (well, manageable-ish at 40″ x 60″) has just come up on eBay.

Black Cat National savings poster from eBay

This sleek feline could be yours for just £99.  Ours, meanwhile, has been re-homed at the History of Advertising Trust, to be properly looked after.

Also on eBay at the moment, your choice of pretty much any Shell County poster you want.  Here’s Wiltshire, by Keith Grant, by way of an example.

Wiltshire Shell county poster illustration Keith Grant

But with 22 on offer, you are spoilt for choice.  At £59.99 a go, that could be a nice little earner for the seller.  If they get that of course.  Some very similar ones come up at Onslows tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see what they make.

(These are offered as Buy It Now or Best Offer, so might go for less.  Am I the only person who is regularly tempted by Best Offer to make a really low punt, just in case they say yes? Or is it a universal urge?)

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