Bread and excursions

While most people are thinking about Heston Blumenthal’s Christmas Pudding or cheap consumer electronics on Britain’s favourite online auction site, there are still a couple of interesting items to be picked out for our eBay watch.

Shall we start with this?

Party Outings vintage British Railways poster 1959

On the one hand it’s quite a nice railway poster, albeit one with a medium sized hole in the middle (see the listing for full details).  On the other hand, I can’t find a single trace of it anywhere else.  Which may be why it’s already got to £36 with four more days to go.  I can’t read the signature, though, so I may be missing something vital here.  Anyone got any more info?

While that seller hasn’t put the artist on the listing, this one hasn’t put the dimensions.

Vintage World War Two poster Save Bread from eBay

Although I’m guessing, partly from the size of the carpet pile on the picture, and partly from the fact that we’ve got one ourselves, that it’s 10″  x 15″.  Which makes it a moderately expensive Buy It Now at £45.  You may disagree, of course.

Tomorrow, a cold robin and some lovely blogs for your consideration.


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