Why would you want to buy a poster?

I could say quite a lot about railwayana and other transport obsessives.  And even more about eBay.  But for now, it’s enough just to say that one reason to buy a poster might be to decorate your bus.  Yes, you heard me right there.

two bus posters

That’s why this eBay seller is suggesting you buy these.  The left hand one is a pretty grim bit of 1970s brown, but the other one isn’t bad at all, particularly for £1.99 + postage.  And there are nine, so you can all have one.  Even if you haven’t got a Routemaster.

The Lord Mayor’s Show poster is by Peter Roberson who did a fair amount for London Transport, including this

when did you last see your velasquez?

which is about as wonderfully 1956 as it is possible to be.

  • Hello, this is about books

    You will be pleased to know that I have two books in the pipeline.
    “GPO Posters Design” will be an addition to the ACC Design series and will revisit some of the territory of Post Early. The cost of this book will be about £13.
    Also, I have made a book of our own poster collection called “Modern British Posters.”
    You’ll be interested n this, as I see you and I share many interests.
    I’ll keep you postered.

  • Hi Paul,
    Thanks for that – both books sound right up our street!
    Let me know when they’re near to publication and I’ll write something about them.

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